Green Panter 2013 - Bronze


jingle's, sound IDs, soundtracks and sing-a-longs  

At Brainsworld we hold true the following well respected quote about music “…it is the language of emotions, expressed without words and yet, for this very reason, every person can understand it“. This is the language that we at Brainsworld can create for our clients  – whether it is a soundtrack for a concept, a sound ID for your company or a fully developed music production for the film industry. Drawing upon many years of experience in this genre, Brainsworld can call upon the best music producers in this field.  This enables our clients to benefit from a completely individual and project specific performance.  Naturally, we only achieve this level of excellence and ‘perfect fit‘ by ensuring that only the very best musical spokesperson and vocalartists are on board. 

Let the music do the talking – sometimes it can say more than any written word…