Green Panter 2013 - Bronze

Brands & strapline

A great brand is one of a company's most valuable assets. A great name is critical to that brand's success. There are dozens of companies that claim to be experts in the field of creative nomenclature development, but few provide their clients with the resources, expertise, passion and creativity that Brainsworld does. Due to our highly specialised focus, Brainsworld consistently delivers evocative and memorable nomenclature that serves as a catalyst for your brand's success, and is executed in a manner that differentiates your product from the competitive landscape. Our clients' success stories and testimonials tell us so! Couple this demonstrated creativity with an unyielding commitment to client satisfaction and you have a recipe for the creation of a great brand name.

A strap line – also known as a slogan or tagline - is a type of catchphrase for your business. The idea of using a catchphrase for your business is nothing new; in fact, there have been strap lines for almost as long as there has been advertising. Yet most small businesses fail to take advantage of the branding benefits that a strap line can bring for minimal cost – recognition, association and increased familiarity to name but a few. Strap lines are most commonly used by large and medium sized businesses, but this does not mean that they are ineffective for small businesses, more that they typically don’t take advantage of this great marketing tool. Whilst strap lines are generally seen on adverts and signs, you should really take advantage and put your strap line on the majority of your business communication. Promotional material, letters, websites and business cards are four of the best places to show your strap line.